The Encyclopaedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory (EEPAT) was founded in 1999 under the title of Encyclopaedia of Philosophy of Education. It is a dynamic study space for students, teachers, researchers and professionals in the field of education, philosophy and social sciences, offering theoretically concurrent expositions of the topics of theoretical and practical interest in philosophy and education.1)


The Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education: Encyclopaideia, Philosopedia, or Macropedagogy? Michael A. Peters and Paulo Ghiraldelli Jr.

1) Builiding on and largely extending the EEPAT the new Springer Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory is now in production. This new project lead by Michael Peters (editor-in-chief) began in December, 2014 and it will build the current 85 entries to 400 plus in a dynamic web platform, e-copy and hard copy, with additions and updates every two years. The new Springer Encyclopedia is intended to be a comprehensive reference for all aspects of educational theory and philosophy.

EEPAT is published in association with the Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia and the journal Educational Philosophy and Theory.